Welcome To Rangsagar

India is a country of tradition and rich culture. RANGSAGAR PERFORMING ARTS is the mirror of India's colourful heritage and culture activities. The RANGSAGAR group was established years ago by a group of highly motivated professionals, working to advance India's culture, but registered only recently in the year 2012.

RANGSAGAR GROUP has performed more than 28 Indian folk dances and tribal dances from different states of India. In the last 10 years, the group has participated in various International Folk Dance and Music Festivals and National programmes like Navratri Festival, Lok Dairo , Marriage Occasions, International Kite festival, Republic Day Celebrations Organised by the Government of Gujarat, to name a few.

Eminent musicians of our group have not only bridged the gap of diversity, they have made the country proud by receiving various awards & honours. Their current focus is on developing an international students exchange programme.