Rangsagar Performing Arts


India is a country of tradition and rich culture. It is our humble effort to mirror colourful heritage of India through cultural activities of RANGSAGAR PERFORMING ARTS. The RANGSAGAR Organization was established 12 years ago by a group highly motivated professionals, working to promote Indian culture in India and many parts of the globe. 

We have participated in many International festivals all over the world in last 12 years like U.K, Canada, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Turkey, UAE and many more to represent Indian culture. We have to our credit, performances of 28 folk dances of Indian culture. We also perform a few Unique and Innovative traditional dances which people like the most in all the festivals. 

We are proud to share Rangsagar Performing Arts has made a “Vajra World Record” for a performances, comprising of 113 Folk Dancers of India in Folklore Festivals in France , Spain and Czech Republic in 2017. Also we have performed in more than 30 countries and have made more than 50 international Cultural tours during last 12 years. We have received many prestigious Awards at National and International level.